Catching fire

I’ve finished to read Catching fire today. I’ve watched the movie “Hunger game” several weeks ago and tried to read the book. But I’ve realized that I felt boring to read the book because I know the story already. So I decided to read the second book on last Friday. It took 12 hours, I think but it’s worthy to use the time for it.
I like the book written in the heroin’s perspective. The author describes the herione’s mind very well. It is very delicate so I could follow the change of her mind. It is the book for kids so sometimes I feel it is childish but it is okay.
I liked the book it depicts the process of revolution. People were looking for a trigger to evoke rebellion and Katniss became it regardless of her will or intention. She just did what she wanted to do or what she should do and it led her to involve the rebellion. It is interesting to follow her wish for personal desire and comfort move toward more for people and public hope. Also it is touching that she tried to keep herself as a human instead of an elements of the games.
The book reminds of me the past years of Korea under Japanese Occupation and dictatorship, and present.
Overall, it is really good novel to make us to think our life.


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