Liza is not a problem cat.

Liza came back upstairs after three weeks of testing. All test for ringworm were negative.

When I visited her, Liza came out from her cage and was about to enjoy her time.

But the volunteer P didn’t want  Liza out because that time was her working time for making other cats exercise. P asked me to hold Liza and to move to an interview room. I didn’t understand her asking because Liza got along with other cats well. While I was hesitating to hold Liza, she grabbed Liza’s neck without noticing Liza’s shrinking. Liza screamed out , went back to her cage and never came out today. After a while, P said sorry to Liza, but Liza was already nervous. I realized that I chose a wrong time.

While I was sitting in front of Liza’s cage and was talking with her, a person came into the room and P talked with the person. While chatting, she t0ld the person that  Liza was a trouble/problem cat. I had seen it before that she had said words like to people including new/old volunteers. But I didn’t imagine she was still doing it. And she also did not give Liza good words and complained about Liza’s behavior toward people. I was really worried  that her judgement on Liza would give a bad influence to others.
Liza is not a problem cat. She is just a sensitive and shy cat.
And She had unhappy time for three weeks.
Why did the lady mark Liza as a bad cat?

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1 Response to Liza is not a problem cat.

  1. judim939 says:

    Today was a great day. I was asked to pick my favorite cat for the month. No question in my mind…. Liza! Liza is not a problem cat, or a difficult cat. She is just a cat who likes to play with her laser mouse, likes to be left alone by the other cats and there are certain humans that she is devoted to and the rest can go flush…haha. I am so very lucky to be one of the humans that Liza feels as hers! She’s let’s me pet her snuggle her, and she gives me kittie kisses right on the nose. When Liza first came to us, we couldn’t touch here. She has come a long way. Today was picture day, I picked her up, no hassle, no fuss, and a big kittie nose kiss in the end and all caught on camera. This is why Liza is my pick of the month! She hasn’t given up, and I won’t ever give up until I find her perfect forever home! Cheers to Liza! I have a picture but don’t know how to post it if you are interested. Email me at

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