smart but timid

Liza likes to play game with me sometimes when she has to come back the cage.
When I open a can food, she shows an interest for a while but she pretends not to see the food immediately. I let her smell and taste several times and the put the food in her food bowl. when I give her the treat I usually detach the bowl from the cage door and put it in the cage. Recently, she started to stretch her body in order to eat the treat not to enter the cage. Yes. she is a smart girl.

This is the wand that the animal communicator used and Liza is scared of. Liza have never used this wand before so she doesn’t know how to play with this. This wand has a long string so its movement hard to predict. I decided to help her overcome the fear on the wand. I gave her time to observe the movement of the wand little far distance. She was watching the wand like watching TV.
I moved the wand near her bit by bit and stopped it in front of her. She looked at it, hesitated to touch it for a moment and finally hit it carefully with one of her cute front paws. She did it several times and ran away when the wand started to make a big circle.
Yes. Liza is a kind of timid girl.

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