Understanding to pet a cat

Liza is a kind of independent cat, so her permission to pet her seems to be a  little bit capricious.  Before I read this article, I didn’t understand her but I can understand her now.  Listen to and observe your cat more with love.. It is a essential solution of all problems, I think.



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3 Responses to Understanding to pet a cat

  1. Judi Mongelluzzo says:

    I am one of the volunteers who looks after Liza and she is really blossoming! I have no doubt the right person will come along who will suit Liza and be a perfect patch. You deserve a lot of credit for your hard work with her.

    • lucyjee says:

      Hi Judi, Glad to see you here. Thank you and I also really appreciate to you. Your looking after Liza accelerated her blossoming. 🙂 You are doing great job!

  2. judim939 says:

    Lucy, it’s Judi, send me your email. I have a picture I would like you to see. My email is Judi.m@me.com

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