Becoming a normal cat

Liza had a big improvement on April 1st. The volunteer M, Judi and I can pet her. She tolerated five times being touched. I think  it is the effect of the petting practice. We also followed my roommate K’s advice that we should touch Liza starting from her hips to her head.  Liza didn’t like to be touched on her head when she was in our house  so K tried to touch Liza’s hips first. We followed and it worked.

She is more active now. She can stay outside with other cats, get along with other volunteers. She is full of confidence.  She is still sensitive on petting but she is doing great every time whenever I visit her. After the practice with the animal communicator,   she really doesn’t like the toy that was used in the practice and started to dislike the catnip toy. However, I believe that she will overcome all traumas someday as she has been doing.

I feel she is happier than the early time when she came SPCA.  And.. I am really proud of her. 

photo 1 (4) photo 4 (3) photo 3 (5) photo 2 (6)

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