You didn’t do anything wrong.

Mar. 11th

Actually, I had been telling our situation to Liza whenever I visited her. But she didn’t understand the situation at all. Therefore,  I was considering what kind of explanation could be work to Liza after the meeting with the animal communicator. I talked about my meeting with the animal communication with my roommate, K. She said to me that it is no wonder that Liza is confused because she didn’t do anything wrong but suddenly she was sent to a strange place. At the moment, I realized that I’ve never told her “you didn’t do anything wrong”  since my visit.

The first thing that I do, when I visit her again, was said to her “You didn’t do wrong anything. It is just our situation problem beyond our ability. But I and my roommates still love you.”  After my saying, Liza looked like understanding and  accepting the situation. When I told her  that she cannot go with me, she was growling at me with dissatisfied voice but she was playful. She played inside cage with Laser beam toy and stay in her cage with relaxed mood.

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