I am still scared of getting out the cage

Mar. 15th.
She was getting playful and enjoyed our new beam toy yet she still like to stay in the cage. The cage is not too small but it is not as big as outside. I tried to entice her with snacks. I put on  snacks from the floor of her cage to outside the cage like  a  stepping-stone. But she didn’t came out. Accidentally, a snack near the cage door dropped on outside floor. She hesitated to came out but followed it after a while. However, as soon as she had it,  she came back to her cage. She seemed to frightened. I tried one time more. This time I put the snack on the edge of the cage. Of course, it dropped and Liza followed it and out.  I tried third time but it didn’t work. Liza used her front paw to move the snack close to her. She is so smart that I cannot use same trick three times.
After our meeting, I thought over the way how to make Liza to enjoy coming out.  If I could give her happy memory after her coming out, It will be helpful to her.  Therefore, I decided to use treat for her training. I bought bunch of can food for her.
**Regardless of my effort, SPCA people also  played with Liza before the opening hours. Therefore, she didn’t growling at other cat anymore, when they were walking in front her cage. She also started to greet the people who played with her, except me. She was getting better.
<one of her favorite treats>

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