Heavy snow

Mar. 24th.

I skipped one day because it was Saturday. On saturday, SPCA is really busy for people’s visit. Sunday’s wether was not good but I visited Liza because I told her that I would visit her on sunday. Even if she is a trivial creature, I have to keep my word. That principle led me to go SPCA.
Because of the weather, there is no people in her area. We had a good time and I did 
one experiment. I let her out again after she came back her cage once and asked her come back into cage. But the result was not good. Liza just looked at me and would not come into the cage. Finally, a volunteer helped me. She lifted the triangle shape scratcher where Liza was sitting and move it in front of Liza’s cage and let Liza in.
photo 2 (5) photo 3 (2) photo 4 (2)
<this pic is different day of snowy day but she likes this triangle after the day. Her face said to me at the very day,”Why should I came back to the cage?”>

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