Connection and let go.

After our meeting with the animal communicator, I reflected our situation and considered the way how to let Liza go.

Connection. yes, we have a connection. That’s why I decided to visit Liza in SPCA.

When she was in our house, I felt her locked in a place, like an attic or a closet and opened  the door for her several times. One day, I heard meow sound from downstairs and I found out that Liza was tried to bring her toy in order to play with me. She wanted to play with me so I did. As  I said before, she slept in my room frequently  during January.

The most special thing happened two days before she was dropped at SPCA. That time, we were planning to send her one of fosters’ house because SPCA didn’t have a room for her. Before we sent her to another place, my roommate K decided to give Liza spay surgery. I really worried about the surgery, but fortunately she already got a surgery before.  She seemed to be okay but it was confirm that she was not okay. On the very next day,  I couldn’t see her, after coming back from school.  It was unusual thing but I guessed she would stay in  Katy’s room. But around 10pm, Liza walked into my room with limping as crying with different tone of meow.  I asked K who followed  Liza, and I’ve figured out Liza  had a pain on her leg. She cannot jump but she came upstairs in order to sleep in my room. Yes.. we were special to each other already. I prayed for her..

I hoped my visit could help her adjustment but it didn’t go well. Frankly speaking, as watching Liza’s maladjustment, my mind started to shake. I knew what she wanted but I couldn’t give it her. She really didn’t like to come back the cage. I realized the fact and  I’ve started to look up a house where I could live with her next year.  If she spend her time in relax place even for a year more, she could get a  new home easily because the environment have an influence to the cat’s behavior. That was my thought before I met the animal communicator.

However, my thought was one of the obstacles to Liza’s adjustment. I need to change my thought. I considered our situation and I’ve realized that when I accept my insufficiency to be care of her, I could let her go. Liza can live happily without me and she also can be happy at SPCA with other people. Finally, I can accepted the fact. At the same time, I admitted the fact that my visit was also worthy because my effort made other people to listen to Liza.

And I made a decision to write a blog on Liza for letting her go.

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