An animal communicator

March 8th.

Liza was sitting in the cage and wasn’t interested in playing with me. While I was waiting for a carrier in order to have our private time in another room, two women came to close to Liza’s cage. Following them, L, the pet behavior specialist came. L introduced me the women and one of them is an animal communicator. After I met Liza, I read many articles on an animal so I know what an animal communicator is.
“You and she has a connection. She likes you. Why don’t you keep her?” the animal communicator asked me. I explained my situation. She told me that Liza was confused of the situation. Furthermore, she told me that Liza liked my treatment and appreciated me. When I heard her words, tears were pouring down on my cheeks. Also the animal communicator asked me let Liza go. Liza and I have a connection so she cannot move toward. I couldn’t stop my crying. I was one of cause of her adjustment problem. I felt really sorry for Liza.

The Animal communicator suggested me “Explained the situation to Liza and let her go emotionally. That doesn’t mean you should not see her again. You may visit her but let her go emotionally.”

After the animal communicator was gone, I said sorry to Liza. I tried to pet her but she scratched me with her front paw. I was hurt.

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