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March 1st.


When I went SPCA, I saw this sign attached on Liza’s cage.  I didn’t ask a volunteer why she got this mark. Maybe she might scratch someone or face away. It could be better for her relaxed. But my heart was sank because it means  Liza marked as a problem cat.

So I decided to spend time with her in a meeting room because her nervousness is caused by other cats. I asked a volunteer P and she introduce me L, a Pet Retention and Behavior Specialist. L helped me take Liza to the separated meeting room. Fortunately, we could use the same room of our first meeting in SPCA.

Without other cats, Liza was more relaxed than when she was in her cage. Liza came out of a carrier, browsed the room, played with a beam toy, and rested. I spent there for 5 hours in order to give her enough time to relax. I expected 5 hours will be enough for her but she still didn’t like to come back to cage. I felt exhausted and was little sad that I cannot give what she wants.


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