Wearing her shoes

on Feb 27th.

After her screaming,I had time for self- reflection.  I figured out that I had been pushing her into my expectation and my pace. My goal of helping her was quick adjustment and got adopted soon.  I wished that she play with other cats and volunteers well. But it didn’t happened to her easily. Therefore, I’ve accepted the fact that it could be a long run to help her adjustment and changed my goal to make her relax first.

For getting information on helping cat’s relaxation, I googled but it’s hard to find a way for a cat in SPCA. I thought many things and made three principle.

1. Listen to her and respect her opinion.

2. Go slow and give her a enough time.

3. Be patient and don’t push her.

First of all, releasing her anger and nervous is important. I remember the fact that music is effective for it. Therefore, I used one of my favorite musics that is especially effective to release my anger before.

“Flowers in October” by Tim Janis 

Of course, she was really upset to me and growled at me when I visited her again on 27th. However, I did tried to make her relax. I sat in front her cage, open her cage, and just played this music through my IPhone.  She stayed at the back of her cage but it’s fine.

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I am interested in many things.
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