Good intention but unexpected results.

The visit on Feb.  24th.

In our life, good intention does not always lead to expected results. It  happened in Liza’s case.

I’ve visited her for helping her adjustment but her status didn’t go well. She seemed okay in first week. But when I visited her on Saturday(23rd), she hid under the her small blanket and faced away.   I started to worry her situation so I visited her on Sunday again. She was still not great, but after our playing  she came out from her cage. The cage is small but it is enough for her small movement.  After She spent her time outside over 30 minutes, I and a volunteer need to leave. So I ask the volunteer to back Liza into her cage.

We tried to let her in, Liza ran away from her cage, and  finally we decided to pick her up.  When the volunteer picked Liza up, she cried out in fear.  I’ve never heard such a screaming before.  At the moment, I’ve realized that we made  a big mistake. I was depressed.  I tried to help her but everything was going wrong way.

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