SPCA life started.

Visits on Feb 15th/ 17th/ 2oth/ 23rd.

After our first meeting, I visited Liza again(Feb 15th). She moved to upstairs where the adoptable cats stay. Real SPCA life started. I use “real” SPCA life because she was an isolated section in the basement for several weeks. She was there because of  the lack of a cage in upstairs. Also the place is used for checking a new cat’s health status whether it has infectious disease or not.  So there was less other cats and only staffs visit.

When I saw her upstairs, I was really glad that she could get more visit & attention and have more chance for adoption. But that didn’t go as I expected.  She stays in one of cages that is little small but clean.  But the problem was other cats live near her. She growled at other cats whenever a cat passed in front her cage.  Furthermore, many people walk around to visit cats for adoption.  She was scared of the enviorment and too nervous. She declined our rubbing head ritual and my padding. She was getting unsociable.

<pic from the internet>

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