First visit

Feb 8th

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After two weeks of the dropping, I visited Liza. I firmly determined that I will not cry and do normal. She was in downstairs separately so I need to wait for her coming in a meeting room. She came out from a carrier and hid in the corner. I saw she was scared of the circumstance. Looking at her fear is not easy. I tried not to cry but my eyes were already wet with tears. I just gave her time for a while and then tried to play with her by the purple ribbon(our first toy).  After 30 minutes passed, she got out from the corner and browsing the room. After browsing, she rubbed her head on me.  She played well and fell a sleep. But the problem was she must back to her place when I left. It was a sad thing that waking her up, who is being fast sleep. But our first meeting in SPCA was good.

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I am interested in many things.
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