The gift from Liza

Have you ever taken a gift from cat?  I have. One day Liza put the dead body of a vole in front of the front door. It was really tiny and clean dead body looked like sleeping.

However, I’m not sure it should be called gift or not because it was a kind of reaction to our treatment.

After she came into our house, we worried about worm stuff so we decided to give her herrings. It was a A’s suggestion. So I didn’t give Liza breakfast and we gave her sour cream marinaded herrings. But she didn’t want to  have it. She reluctantly had it little bit but she left most of them. I felt she didn’t like to have that. After a while, I realized that onion was also there. Onion is not good for cat, too. She seemed to felt it is not good for her body. I removed onions but she didn’t enjoy the expensive herrings any more. The day when she gave us the gift was the next day when we gave her herrings.

We interfered her action in several ways.

Perhaps her mind was one of these..

“This is a warning. You didn’t give food and gave me poison to eat.  If you do it again, I’ll give you more horrible things”

“I am sorry that I forget to appreciate for your favor. This is my gift for you. Please give me normal food.”

“This is my payment for my meal. Please give me  meals instead of poison.”

Which one was her saying?

Bank Vole

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