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Liza started to fully blooming.  When she came to us, she was really shy. According to my roommate, K’s words,  Liza’s shyness is not her nature and it might be formed by her raising environment.  She likes to get an attention but she doesn’t know how to get it.

       We had been working with her around 2 months and She didn’t care of human’s smell anymore and hid under a bed sheet or a blanket. Sometimes she jumped up to the backside of my chair or  walked  around my desk while I was studying.  She sat on the paper while my roommate was reading a paper. Therefore, we think she could be a lap cat someday even though we could not pick  her up and hug her yet. Our plan was fostering her and found a forever home to Liza. We expected we could have more time with her because we will stay this house/ town at least until July. But our situation didn’t permit to keep her anymore soon.

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