Liza was droped in SPCA

January 26.

Our house has four rooms and one room was in vacancy around a month.  So someone should pay for the vacancy room.  I am in Co-op housing and the co-op must handle the loss and it was a big burden to the organization. It is not easy to find a new tenant in a small university town in December. Around Jan. 20,  our new roommate was decided, who has a severe allergy to a cat.
It was a kind of disaster to Liza. She need to be gone to somewhere.  We cannot find a person who will adopt her in a short time.  I also thought the way to adopt her. But I gave it up because I don’t know where I will live in after next year.  I could keep her only one year more and the she need to go somewhere.   My other roommates’ situation is not too different with me. Therefore, we decided to send her SPCA. I wished someone appears and adopts Liza before the day, but it didn’t happened.
One of my friends cynically said  with hitting the bull’s eye,
“Liza was free before she came into your house, but she sent to a prison now”
I was in deep sorrow but I consoled myself with the fact that it would better to stay SPCA than to stay outside in cold weather.
Yes.. this is a human’s way. self-justification.

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