Getting used to each other.

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As  I told before, she really quickly adjusted our house life. After coming back from my short trip, I started to feed Liza in the morning. I gave her breakfast and my roommate gave her dinner.  I should give her breakfast because Liza asked me for giving food. She knew  I am the first person who gets up in the house so she was waiting for me in front of my door every morning. For a while,  Liza pushed me to give her food when she saw me. But she could wait for food soon until I gave her. She became more patient  and had control her eating by herself. she usually had her breakfast between 7:30 and 8:00 am and has her dinner around 7:00 pm. After breakfast she usually went to outside, came back around 11:00 am, had leftover from breakfast, and spent her time in the house or played outside. We always let her out when she wanted to out. Of course, she came back home all the time. One day, we were going to party and she wanted to go out. So we let her out. When we came back lately, we saw that Liza was sitting in front of the door and waited for us. I didn’t know how long she waited for us.  I felt sorry for her.

Like this, she became a part of our life and we became a part of her life. She love to watch us and to be with us. She love to be close to people. She always slept in one of our rooms, K’s, A’s, or mine.  During January, she slept in my room more frequently. I guess the reason is my bed time is proper to her. We went to bed 10:00pm together and got up together. Maybe Liza got up earlier than me and waited for me. It was a great experience that I’ve never had.

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