The background of Liza

The day after we gave her name Liza, we heard her story by chance.

A cat entered into our house because we opened the door for Liza’s convenience. She loved to go in and out the house. Anyway, the strange cat tried to use Liza’s bathroom. Liza hissed at him, he was scared of the situation and stuck in the closet where the litter box is.  So my roommate, K tried to help him out but he attacked her. She called his owner based on his name tag. When the cat owner visited our house, they recognized Liza. According to their saying, Liza is their neighbor’s cat Nola and they saw previous owner’s boyfriend(?) abused Nola when she was kitten. K asked them to tell the owner that  Nola(Liza) is here and please contact to her. But the previous owner never contacted.

Yes. That’s the reason why Liza choose our house.  Six girls lives in this house including two rats. Liza is a smart girl but she is scared of a man because of her experience.

This picture is not Liza. The picture from internet.

About lucy

I am interested in many things.
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