My name is Liza

Before I call her name

She just had been no more than a gesture

When I called her name

She came to me and became a flower

As I call her name

Please someone calls my name that matches the color and odor of mine

I would love to go to one’s side and to become one’s flower 

We all wish to become something to others

You to me and I to you

Wish to be an unforgettable being each other.    

The Flower-Kim, Chunsoo. 

When we met her(Liza), she didn’t have her name. She didn’t wear any collar and didn’t say her name either.  My roommate, K is good at listening to animal’s saying but she didn’t hear anything from Liza. After a week, we decided to give her a name. Yes,    The person who suggested to give a name was me. Our connection started like that.  Giving a name to others makes a relationship special.  She wasn’t a cat among cats anymore. She became a specific, special being as we gave her name.

We had several candidates for her name. Finally, we named Liza after Liza Minnelli because Liza was getting talkative, playful and demanding in good ways, adding wish she will be a twinkling little star.


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