Liza loves the black chair.

photo (1)

Liza spent whole night on the black chair. On the next day, she went out for a while but she came back our house. She spent night on the black chair again.  She seems to decide to stay our house.  After she stayed our house two days, my roommate K asked us to keep the cat in our house temporarily. We all agreed that we kept the cat until we find a new home for her. K bought a litter box for the cat. Liza also used the litter box perfectly.

At that moment, I didn’t imagine that Liza could be the first cat friend of mine. It is just a very interesting thing to me. I’ve never seen a cat closely after I grew up.  I like animals but I never have had a cat  friend.

After she stayed my house, she spent whole time in the first floor. I lives in second floor, so I told her “come here upstair, girl” one day.  When I asked her, she seemed to be not interested in coming. But she visited me after minutes. Yes! she is a cat with a full of curiosity.

The picture is the black chair that Liza loved. After Liza left, it is in the attic now.


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