To begin a story on Liza.

I am Lucy, from Seoul, South Korea.  I live in U.S.A  now and I’ll come back Korea in one or two years later. Life in this country offered me new experience. Meeting one special cat is one of the new experience. I started to write the cat’s story for letting her go from my mind, for helping her adoption and for helping her future owner to understand Liza. It covers Liza’s story from the time when I met her to now. I hope you enjoy this story. And.. if you give me ab idea for helping her adoption, it will be great.  🙂

Liza is a beautiful brown tabby cat. she has a pretty green eyes.

photo 2 (1)

She just walked into my house one sunny day, we only spent time together for one and half  months and she is in SPCA now. I considered to keep her seriously but I couldn’t because I’ll leave this country next year.

I am still visiting her for helping her adjustment.

It might looks wired that keep visiting her and write on her.

But..  my gut keeps telling me to write on her.

So.. I will start to tell her story.


About lucy

I am interested in many things.
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