First meeting with Liza

door     I live in a house with three roommates and one roommate K is really fond of animals. In the middle of November, I saw the bowl for cat in front of our front door. And after the day, I also saw a note on our white board.  “A gray tabby cat looks need a shelter. I put a box for her in front of the door.”

K started to feed and give a cat a shelter. We didn’t think the cat used a box but she had food from the bowl. While K was out of town during Thanksgiving holidays, my roommate and I filled the bowl for a cat.

One sunny day in early December, my roommates K, A and I was chatting in the kitchen and open the door in order to see one of us off.  When we opened the door, we saw the cat making a loud meow. ” Give me a food”  She looks like starving. After eating, she walked into the house, looked around and slept on my roommate’s arm chair.

It was the first time I saw Liza . She is a small cat with loud voice, that was  my first impression on her.


About lucy

I am interested in many things.
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